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Carrie Lam, MD and Jeremy Lam, MD, host the Dr. Lam Show, where they and their guests share their passion for Integrative and Functional Medicine, to empower people to take control of their health naturally. This pair of siblings started LAM CLINIC, where they're able to provide whole-person healing not only in person but also through telemedicine and education all over the world. Learn about cutting-edge health topics and listen to mind-blowing conversations with leading experts in every field. Tune in every Monday for new episodes and make sure to subscribe and leave a review!

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Recently on The Dr. Lam Show

  • Ep 33 - Heat Intolerance Solutions

    Finding yourself intolerant to any forms of heat? Getting into a flush with no good reason? We will dive into the reason why and help you cool you down naturally.

    Ep 32 - 3 Facts, 3 Mistakes, and 3 Keys to Adrenal Fatigue

    Using our experience in seeing thousands of adrenal fatigue cases, we have come up with the most important things you need to know on mistakes to avoid and how to recover from adrenal fatigue.

    Ep 31 - Get to the Root Cause of Endometriosis and Chronic Pelvic Pain with Guest Dr. Jessica Drummond

    Endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain have plagued many women and left them feeling hopeless. We want to give you that hope through this podcast and video with Dr. Jessica Drummond, a physical therapist and health coach, as we go through the various imbalances that could contribute to endometriosis, whether it be hormone, immune, inflammation, gut, or nervous system dysregulation. In addition, we'll go through practical tips on how to improve your quality of life as you deal with chronic pelvic pain. You won't want to miss this amazing talk!
  • Ep 30 - Simple Strategies to Improve the Immune System

    It’s never been more important for you to help protect your body by boosting your immune system. And this isn’t as difficult to do as you might think. Here is where you’ll find gentle, natural strategies that improve your immune health without causing more stress or strain.

    Ep 29 - The Best Travel Tips For a Relaxing, Restful Holiday

    Traveling is supposed to leave you feeling relaxed and stress-free. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the truth. If traveling leaves you feeling more stressed and tired than you did before you left, then you need these travel tips from an adrenal expert.

    Ep 28 - Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome

    Tubal ligations are a fairly common procedure these days. However, they can cause a range of symptoms and problems that are mostly ignored by conventional medicine. Here’s what to look for if you think you may have post tubal ligation syndrome.
  • Ep 27 - Supplements for Immunity and Gut

    When it comes to supplementing, most people stick with popular and easily accessible choices like vitamin C. However, there’s a whole range of supplements out there and some of them are extremely effective when you have adrenal fatigue. Here are some that will boost your gut and immune health.

    Ep 26 - Adrenaline Dysautonomia

    Adrenaline dysautonomia is a little understood problem that can cause your adrenaline levels to surge and ebb out of control. This can cause very frightening symptoms and lead to long term poor health and even collapse. Here are some ideas that will help you to address and alleviate this problem.

    Ep 25 - Thyroid Vs. Adrenals Which Is Causing Your Low Energy

    Are you experiencing symptoms of a sluggish thyroid, like fatigue, but medical interventions aren’t helping? Looking at the thyroid in isolation doesn’t always provide an answer in these kinds of cases. Here’s what else could be causing these symptoms and how to address them.
  • Ep 24 - Correcting Neurotransmitter Imbalance

    Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that help your cells communicate with each other. Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle seems designed to cause neurotransmitter imbalances and lots of associated problems. If you experience these kinds of issues, then here’s what you need to know

    Ep 23 - Balancing Hormones without Birth Control Pills with Nat Kringoudis

    If you're wondering how to talk to your daughter about sex and reproductive hormones, this is the right episode for you. It's important to start educating girls as early as they know how to ask questions. If they're having irregular periods, acne, bloating, PMS, or cramping, don't just start the pill right away but learn how to get to the root cause by listening to this episode with guest Nat Kringoudis, a well-known natural fertility practitioner.

    Ep 22 - Guide to Safe and Effective Heavy Metal Detox

    Lots of online sources talk about detoxes as if they’re always simple, easy and safe. But the truth is that detoxes can be very stressful and taxing if your body is weak or malfunctioning. Here’s how to do a detox safely and without fear of side effects.
  • Ep 21 - Stages of Adrenal Fatigue

    Adrenal fatigue isn’t well understood by the public or the medical establishment. That’s why you might not recognize the stages of adrenal fatigue even when you’re in the middle of them. Here are the symptoms and problems associated with each stage and what to do about them.

    Ep 20 - How To Overcome Common Symptoms of Hormone Imbalances in Women

    Hormone imbalances like PMS and hot flashes are common, but shouldn’t be brushed off as normal. These often-ignored problems can cause a range of symptoms as well as a lot of pain and discomfort. Here are some safe and natural ways to start correcting these imbalances from the root cause and get your hormones back on track.

    Ep 19 - How To Cope with Shortness of Breath

    Shortness of breath and heart pounding are common and frightening symptoms. It’s important that you see your doctor if you experience this problem, but what happens if they can’t find anything? Here are some often ignored causes of breathing and heart problems and what you can do about them.
  • Ep 18 - Break Through Your Block with Transformologist Maggie Chilton

    Break Through Your Block - If you feel like you are doing the work and still not getting results and continue to be anxious and stressed in the process, then learn more with our guest Maggie Chilton about how to transform your life and release those blocks with less doing and more being. Find out how to change your beliefs on a subconscious level. Also enjoy this Personal Wellness journal absolutely free: https://www.maggiechilton.com/wj-download

    Ep 17 - Tackling Hunger, Food Sensitivities and Weight Issues

    Do you struggle with your weight? It may not be completely your fault. There are a range of things that can interfere with your weight loss efforts, from food sensitivities to insulin levels. If you struggle with Adrenal Fatigue, beware of the fasting diets out there as they might not be right for your body. Find out how to tackle hunger correctly.

    Ep 16 - How Adrenal Fatigue Sufferers Can Exercise Properly with Guest Vanessa Bartlett

    Have you ever felt drained after exercising? If so, that might be a warning sign to you that your adrenals are starting to burnout. Dr. Carrie Lam, MD interviews Vanessa Bartlett, an experienced lifestyle and pilates coach who has gone through adrenal fatigue herself due to overexercising, and her journey in recovering from that burnout. Listen and watch this episode for different exercises you could do depending on your level of fatigue, what to look out for, goal heart rate levels, and specific pelvic floor strengthening exercises you could do that are simple and easy to follow.
  • Ep 15 - Integrative Primary Care and 5 R’s for Gut Health with Dr. Jyoti Patel, MD

    Prepare yourself for a mind-blowing episode as Dr. Carrie Lam, MD talks with Dr. Jyoti Patel, MD about how she is using integrative medicine approaches in Primary Care, making changes in the community through gardening and education, and fixing the gut using the functional medicine 5 R method. Remember that digesting doesn't just happen in the gut, but also in the mind.

    Ep 14 - Expert Tips For Reducing or Eliminating Anxiety

    Anxiety seems to be everywhere these days and yet it’s often ignored or masked by conventional medicine. Find out the underlying cause of this nervousness and what food and lifestyle changes you could make to help reduce anxiety.

    Ep 13 - The Right Way to Supplement with DHEA and Pregnenolone

    Using hormone supplements can be tricky. It’s too easy to overuse or use them incorrectly, resulting in side effects and even a worsening of your overall condition. But here’s how to use DHEA and Pregnenolone supplements correctly and in a way that supports your adrenal function.
  • Ep 12 - Afternoon Slumps

    Having a difficult time staying awake in the afternoon and finding yourself reaching for that second cup of coffee? Feeling tired in the afternoons may be a part of normal circadian rhythm, but could also point to something underlying that needs to be dealt with. Listen to this episode on how to deal with the root causes of afternoon slumps.

    Ep 11 - The Ideal Diet, Body Cleansing Foods, and Appropriate Snacking

    For a diet that works, you have to design one that fits your body and lifestyle. Today’s episode will go through the 5 principles for the ideal diet, great foods for detox, and whether snacking is appropriate or not for adrenal fatigue.

    Ep 10 - Poor Sleeping Habits and What They Mean

    Do you struggle to fall asleep or wake up in the middle of the night? There are a lot of different issues that can cause these problems and they must be addressed to protect your health. Here’s how to start identifying what could be causing your poor sleeping habits.
  • Ep 09 - Healing Post Covid Syndrome with Guest Dr. Bindiya Gandhi

    Are you struggling with hair loss, fatigue, difficulty smelling, sleep issues, and gut difficulties post covid even though it's been weeks since you recovered? Along with Dr. Carrie Lam, our esteemed guest Dr. Bindiya, double boarded in Family medicine and Integrative and Holistic Physicians, dive into the reason why and what you can do to help boost your immune system and deal with Post Covid Syndrome. In addition, you will learn the difference between integrative and functional medicine, food sensitivity testing, gut healing, and also proper detoxing!

    Ep 08 - Strategies to Reduce Springtime Allergies

    Dealing with that chronic congestion or itching eyes as spring blooms along? Make sure to listen to this episode as we discuss natural ways of preventing allergies from worsening, and also make recommendations on supplements you could use to help rid that irritation and inflammation in your system.

    Ep 07 - Ways to Ease Chronic Inflammation

    There’s a lot of talk about inflammation in the medical media these days. Unfortunately, this dangerous problem is often portrayed as a natural and unavoidable consequence of living a modern life. If you want to avoid the potentially life-threatening consequences of inflammation, here are some strategies that will help.
  • Ep 06 - Natural Ways to Ease Constipation and Bloating

    Constipation and bloating can occur at any time and anyplace. This is part of what makes them so distressing and embarrassing. If you experiencing these symptoms, here’s an expert’s guide to naturally and effectively getting them under control.

    Ep 05 - Integrative Ways of Dealing With Chronic Pain with Guest Dr. Michelle Dang, MD

    Michelle Dang, MD is a board certified anesthesiologist and pain management physician who is fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine. On today's episode, she is our honored guest as we discuss the wide array of modalities and therapies that could be used for natural healing of chronic pain. If you're tired of dealing with your aches and pains and want to do something about this, make sure to listen to this episode as it's not something you want to miss!

    Ep 04 - The Happy, Healthy, Sane Way to Detox

    Detoxes can be much more dangerous than they’re portrayed in the media, particularly if you’re already unwell, stressed, or holding a lot of toxins. If you want a safe and sane way to detox without making yourself sicker, then here’s what you should do.
  • Ep 03 - Deep Dive into Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is probably one of the most popular vitamins and yet many people still suffer from deficiencies or incorrect supplementation. As with all vitamins, you need expert advice on how to take Vitamin C safely. Here’s a guide to suiting your vitamin C intake to your body’s needs.

    Ep 02 - Why Conventional Medicine Rejects Adrenal Fatigue

    Adrenal fatigue isn’t well understood or recognized in the medical establishment, so information is slow to spread in the general population as well. If you’re not sure whether you should be concerned about this disorder, then here are some facts about it from an adrenal fatigue expert.

    Ep 01 - How to Lose Your Belly Fat

    Excess belly fat can look unsightly and put you at risk of a whole host of health threats. But losing this excess weight can be difficult and complicated. Here’s how to flatten your belly with gentle, natural strategies that will leave you feeling good.