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Real Patient Comments

Brenna Van Cadsand
Brenna Van Cadsand
I’ve been going to Dr Carrie Lam for about 3 months now, my previous Dr for years has told me that ‘everything is normal’ since seeing Dr. Carrie everything has changed for the better! I was so not feeling myself and now already am feeling so much better! The care and heart behind what they do is outstanding! Dr Carrie is so kind and understanding, it’s like I’ve known her for years! The front desk staff are exceptional as well! Sara is always cheerful and kind, willing to help with what ever I need! I will forever be grateful to this place and these people!
Sergey Shevchuk
Sergey Shevchuk
I have being treated by Dr. Jeremy Lam for over a year. My condition was very difficult to treat however after a while I did second test and my condition was not detected. I am very impressed by Dr. Lam’s general knowledge and understanding of human body and how to treat the condition which is usually deemed irreversible by many doctors. I am also very impressed how the clinic functions as I am across the country on the East coast. Office works like swiss watch in a very organized and highly courteous and professional fashion. It is very easy to communicate any question to the doctor between the appointments or clarify something by sending email to the general address. I wish every office in the country was as knowledgeable and fine tuned as Lam Clinic.
Dawne DeAnne Basler
Dawne DeAnne Basler
It was my first time at the Lam Clinic. I have not had a natural doctor for 3 years anas it is so difficult to find true naturopaths that are also true doctors, and so I was long overdue! When Dr. Carrie Lam assessed all I was relating to her, blood tests, and other protocol, she knew exactly what to do next and began to move me forward in the direction of health, along with praying for me. I feel like I’m in good hands for optimal health moving forward with this family of doctors.
Megan Barron
Megan Barron
I heard about the Lam clinic from a client of mine. I tried several different doctors and no one has done as many tests as the LAM clinic. I feel heard and supported by my Dr and I love all of their extensive testing. Highlight recommend.
Yang Hu
Yang Hu
I had an exceptional experience at this family care clinic, and I'm delighted to give it a 5-star rating! Dr. Jeremy was not only incredibly kind but also highly knowledgeable, providing me with thorough advice and treatment during my annual physical checkup. The staff were exceptionally friendly, and the clinic was impressively clean and tidy. It's a regret that I had to leave California, but I wholeheartedly recommend this family clinic to all residents in the area.
Rita Giamaniaro
Rita Giamaniaro
They are very thorough here at the Lam Clinic. They will assist you in getting to the root cause of what's going on in your body. And work with natural modalities to get your health back and balance.
Maria Luisa
Maria Luisa
Its been a very long time I have had this level of attention. The entire staff was exceptional. I look forward getting on the path to great health!
Mindy Pau
Mindy Pau
Very nice and knowledgeable staff!
Thank you to Dr. Jeremy Lam for helping me with my gut issues! I finally gained weight and am able to sleep better. Big improvement!

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Success Stories

Kim's Skin Improvement

Kim struggled with allergies, skin rashes, and food sensitivities for a long time until she came to Lam Clinic and found her answers in healing the gut. Now her rashes have gone away and she is able to tolerate more foods and feel herself again.

How Marie Bounced Back From COVID With IV NAD

Marie was suffering from Long COVID symptoms such as fatigue, depression, and brain fog. These symptoms were draining her life and there was no light at the end of the tunnel. She came to Lam Clinic and went through some intravenous therapies. Listen on to see what IV therapies Marie benefitted from and where she is in her health journey now.

Sandra’s Battle To Overcome Fatigue And Weight Gain

Sandra has been suffering from fatigue and an inability to lose weight despite trying her best with diets and exercises. Find out how she addressed the underlying root cause to finally start having more energy and experiencing weight loss.

Desiree's Healing from IBS

Desiree had been struggling with IBS for years, but after a proper gut protocol and healing lifestyle changes, she is able to eat more foods that she wasn't able to tolerate previously.

Lourdes's Battle with Fatigue and Sleep Issues

Lourdes had sleep issues, cholesterol problems, and Osteoporosis. She tried regular medicine but suffered adverse side effects. Since seeking help at Lam Clinic with supplemental guidance and IV therapy, her energy is so much better that she can now run and exercise again! Now she's so happy and hopes her whole family will switch to Lam Clinic's care!

Mimi's Wellbeing Upswing!

Mimi explains the issues she was dealing with on a daily basis: extreme fatigue, brain fog, headaches, restlessness, aches pains, and swelling in her lower extremities.

Through Lam Clinic's guidance with supplements, lifestyle changes, and IV therapy, she's had an upswing in her overall wellbeing!

Kenneth's Natural Reversal of High Blood Pressure

Kenneth struggled with chronic diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and insomnia, but with Dr. Lam's help was able to reverse the aging of these chronic diseases, control blood pressure, and sleep well again.

Thessa's Allergies and Rashes Improve

Thessa was dealing with neck rashes, allergic reactions, and fatigue, but with heavy metal detoxification treatments, IV nutritional therapy, Low Dose Immunotherapy, she has now energy to learn how to play the guitar!

Marianne's Sinuses Cleared With Ozone Insufflation

After having underwent 4 sinus surgeries with no relief to her chronic sinus issues, Marianne describes finally being able to breathe properly after ozone insufflation treatments at Lam Clinic.

Zenaida's Mood Improves

Zenaida describes her struggles with depression, anxiety, and Insomnia. Dr. Jeremy helped her get to the root cause of the thyroid and hormones in order to finally feel happy and well.

Ann Marie's Adrenal Fatigue Journey

Ann Marie started out very sensitive to supplements with profound fatigue, but with the right protocols and guidance, she now loves the supplements she takes and is fully functional.

Supplements Are A Big Help - Angela's Story

Angela describes how the supplements are helping her improve fatigue, sleep issues, and gut imbalance.

Cherie's Journey of Lifting Brain Fog and Fatigue

By following our program, Cherie went from being exhausted as a teacher to getting her life back with enough energy to chase her 1st graders around.

Overcoming SIBO with Dr. Jeremy

Missy has been dealing with small intestine bacterial overgrowth, also known as SIBO. Her main concerns were fatigue, difficulty losing weight, bloating, and many other symptoms. Listen to her story on how she lost 12 pounds and got her life back under the care of Dr. Jeremy Lam here at Lam Clinic.

Natural Gut Healing - Parke's Success Story

Parke went from being nauseated and not being able to sit up, to now working out and becoming functional again, all with the help of Dr. Lam's gut healing protocols.

Wendy's Journey with Ehlers-Danlos

Wendy describes her path of helping overcome pain and becoming more functional despite dealing with life long Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

Raquel's Quick Recovery

After being ignored and brushed aside by other doctors, Raquel finally found answers at Lam Clinic and felt a difference instantly.

Diana's Post-Covid Recovery

Diana details her improvement after having Covid twice.

Recovering from Lyme Disease

Learn about Antoinette's health journey and battle with Lyme Disease. See how the different modalities at Lam Clinic has helped her health.

Naturally Recover from Thyroid Disease

We talk with Elaine and see how Lam Clinic has helped her thyroid symptoms and help achieve her health goals.

Dr. Lam Answers All Questions - Della's Story

Della describes how she goes from being bed-ridden with fatigue to now teaching her grandchildren and walking daily. She appreciates Dr. Lam guiding her every step of the way.

Overcoming Rheumatoid Arthritis Naturally - Lindsay's Story

Lindsay talks to us about her journey with rheumatoid arthritis and how Lam Clinic has helped turn her health around.

Adrenal Fatigue and MTHFR Mutation - Lisa's Success Story

Lisa rebuilds her health as she learns how to read the symptoms her body gives her as she has gone through the journey with adrenal fatigue and MTHFR gene mutations. Now she is able to play 18 holes of golf and tennis on the same day!

Low Dose Immunotherapy - Sudha's Recovery

Sudha shares her amazing recovery from shortness of breath, allergies, and major sensitivities with the help of Low Dose Allergen Immunotherapy at Lam Clinic.

Getting Rid of Frequent Colds - Don's Journey

Don started with adrenal fatigue and frequent bouts of colds, but through the program he was able to rebuild his immunity and not get sick again! Watch here as he gives some warnings on what not to do during recovery.

Exhausted to Energized Working Mom - Monica 's Story

As a working mother of 2, Monica was feeling exhausted with intense fatigue and had difficulty sleeping. With a holistic approach, she was able to deal with her gut and hormones and regain that energy over time. Watch how she recounts her journey of going from exhaustion to now being able to workout daily.

Will's Testimonial

Will has been dealing with fatigue, depression, and weight gain. He has also been dealing with tinnitus for years and had not found a remedy until coming to Lam Clinic. Watch to see how well he is doing now.

Chronic Fatigue - Nancy's Story

Nancy went from doctor to doctor trying to figure out what was wrong with her. There were no answers and she felt lost and hopeless. Watch to learn how she got her health back and gained energy.

Rheumatoid Arthritis - Natasha's Story

Natasha was suffering from joint aches, muscle pain, and fatigue. Her illness was so debilitating she could not work. Watch to hear how Natasha got her life back!

Michelle's Testimonial

Michelle shares her testimonial of being a patient at Lam Clinic. Watch to see what she has to say about her recovery journey.

Other Testimonials

Click below to hear from clients from all over the world who have experienced improvement to their health through Dr. Lam Coaching, the virtual sister company of the Lam Clinic.
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