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We accept most insurance plans, EXCEPT HMO, Medi-Cal, or Medicaid.
Do you suffer from fatigue, pain, sleep issues, hormonal imbalance, or weight concerns? Work with our functional medicine physicians (MDs) trained to focus on the root cause of the problem. Together, we can heal your body from the inside out.
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Integrative Functional Medicine

Addressing Root Cause, Preventing Disease, and Empowering Patients To Wellness.
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Meet with a provider who will assess your needs, review your medical history, and suggest a treatment plan just for you, so you can suffer less and live more.
We are located at: 2492 Walnut Ave Suite 100, Tustin, CA 92780
We accept most insurances.

Let our family take care of your family.

Our mission at Lam Clinic is to serve, empower, and educate patients to embrace vitality and wellness for the whole person physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Patient Stories

Priscilla Joy
Priscilla Joy
The job was done very effectively and quick, and the staff was friendly and well-accommodating. Overall great experience :)
Nicholas Azenui Asanga
Nicholas Azenui Asanga
Good reception . Keep to appointment time and very professional
Rikki Farr
Rikki Farr
To say that walking into LAM CLINIC is like walking into another world of Medical Art where the approach and methods are cloaked in the very best of traditional Asian medicine coupled with the latest ( proven) technology to access the individual malady’s and then diagnose the least invasive antidote . Professional, learned Wisdom, great support staff, great and comprehensive facility, smiles and kindness. I feel that I have been LAMIFIED to great purpose. 🙏🏼💯%
Yogi Solanki
Yogi Solanki
One of the best clinic I have visited in past 43 years, very satisfied with my first visit with Dr Jeremy. He is very knowledgeable for holistic medicine.
Diane Keegan
Diane Keegan
The staff is kind, caring and competent. I felt secure in knowing I was going to receive quality health care.
NJ Suz
NJ Suz
Dr. Jeremy lam is exceptionally kind & caring & with all his knowledge,experience & Expertise is truly an amazingly great doctor. I am so grateful to him & how he has helped Me with my condition in the last 3 years. His staff are also very nice & welcoming.
Joshua Fodera
Joshua Fodera
Very happy with my experience with Lam Clinic. They set a clear path for my health and didn't over promise, I'd recommend this place to anyone that wants a balance of traditional and natural medicine
Maria Krusmark
Maria Krusmark
My experience in Lam Clinic ,made me feel the personnel really genuine care about me and my wellness . They verify several times my appointment and they were very on time . The doctor’s assistance are really professional and diligence. They want to make sure the patient understand the different testings. Provide water during the process and check on you often to be sure your are comfortable . Dr. Carrie went through all the test results very clear and they have the supplements that you need . Everything seems very natural and the personnel love what they do .
Jennifer Battista
Jennifer Battista
I’m incredibly hopeful and encouraged that LAM clinic is going to help me feel better. My intake appointment was pure positivity and I know I’m in good hands, plus insurance is going to cover most of it. I highly recommend getting started with LAM. Thank you!!
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What is Integrative Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a very specific area that focuses on a few key things: finding the underlying cause of a patient’s health problems, using a laboratory based analysis system to determine what is wrong, using supplements to correct problems with medications as needed, and focusing ever more and more on lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, sleep and meditation.
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Primary Care in General Practice

When you receive primary care services at the Lam Clinic, the well-qualified staff there provides care for general illness and injury. If you are seeking a long-term professional relationship with a primary care provider, you need look no farther than the Lam Clinic. We provide care for mild to moderate illness or injuries along with general routine wellness evaluations.
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The Conditions We Treat.

At Lam Clinic we treat a wide variety of medical conditions. We use the latest state of the art equipment and offer the most effective treatments. As we are upgrading our equipment continually and mastering new cutting edge diagnostics and treatments, the following is a growing list of what we treat. Even if your condition is not listed below, please call our office and inquire for further information.
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Video Testimonials

Desiree's Healing from IBS
Desiree had been struggling with IBS for years, but after a proper gut protocol and healing lifestyle changes, she is able to eat more foods that she wasn't able to tolerate previously.
Kenneth's Natural Reversal of High Blood Pressure
Kenneth struggled with chronic diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and insomnia, but with Dr. Lam's help was able to reverse the aging of these chronic diseases, control blood pressure, and sleep well again.
Chronic Fatigue - Nancy's Story
Nancy went from doctor to doctor trying to figure out what was wrong with her. There were no answers and she felt lost and hopeless. Watch to learn how she got her health back and gained energy.
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We Accept Most Insurances, Including:

CareCredit Financing®

CareCredit is a healthcare credit card that allows you to pay for treatments and procedures for you and your family without delay and then make convenient monthly payments. CareCredit helps make the treatments and procedures you need, or want, possible today. Click "Apply now" to get started. 


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