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IV Therapy

IV therapy with vitamins and nutrients has been in use for many years. Today, IV therapy has proven to be effective in dealing with a multitude of conditions. If you’re healthy and want to slow down the effects of aging, increase your endurance and ability to recover from exercise, or want to boost your immune system, IV therapy can help. If you’re sick and would like some relief from your symptoms, IV therapy is also a great option depending on the condition or illness.
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IV Nutritional Therapy

Intravenous (IV) therapy uses a needle and container of fluids to deliver nutrients and vitamins directly into your vein. This allows the fluids to get into your bloodstream faster than taking them by mouth. A variety of vitamins and minerals can be given intravenously, and they all fall under IV therapy. It’s great for boosting the immune system and fixing nutritional deficiencies. We here at Lam Clinic take a unique NEM nutrition approach to help decide what IV therapy may be best for you.
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IV Laser Therapy

Laser therapy utilizes extremely focused light of different wavelengths. Focused in this way, laser light can cut steel and shape diamonds. In surgery, lasers cause less damage to surrounding tissue, less pain, and shorter recovery times. IV laser therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy, or IV photobiomodulation therapy, is a relatively new use of lasers. It consists of laser energy delivered directly into the blood. A catheter inserted into the vein allows access for a thin fiber optic cable to deliver the laser energy.

This process contains anti-inflammatory properties, improves blood flow, boosts the immune system, kills microbes and viruses, and improves oxygenation of blood. People who undergo this treatment typically feel increased levels of energy, clearer thinking, improved sleep, decreased pain, and increased strength and endurance. This form of therapy tends to augment better results in the treatment of Lyme disease with antibiotic use. If a person responds to antibiotics, IV laser therapy increases that response.
IV Laser Therapy

How Does Ozone Therapy Help Your Body?

  • Significantly reduce or eliminate chronic pain through action on pain receptors.
  • Activates the immune system in cases of infectious diseases.
  • Releases growth factors to improve healing in joints and damaged discs.
  • Destroys bacteria, viruses, and fungi while leaving healthy cells intact as your own cells have enzymes that can break down ozone.
  • Improves oxygenation and blood flow in heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and Alzheimer’

IV Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy brings a healing response in the body by using medical grade ozone, a very reactive type of oxygen. As a result, it stimulates your body’s own immune system to heal, repair, and regenerate itself. There are a number of ways to deliver IV Ozone: DIV, Major Autohemotherapy, Multipass, Hyperbaric, etc.

What Are The Different Methods of Doing Ozone Therapy?

Medical-grade ozone is created by passing pure oxygen through a tube where electricity breaks apart the O2 and comes back together to form ozone gas, which is O3. This is the same way the ozone layer is created in our atmosphere, by lightning striking oxygen in the air. Ozone therapy greatly increases metabolism and improves biochemical pathways.

Your own immune cells make ozone. The ozone then destroys toxins, breaks apart bacteria, and inhibits the reproduction of viruses. Ozone therapy also improves blood flow in the body and thus increases oxygenation.

Administering ozone into body cavities like the rectum or vagina or bladder brings good results. Similarly, drinking ozonated water and applying ozonated oils also yield good results.

Ozone gas can also be delivered into a bag and wrapped around a limb or body part. This is great for chronic wounds that need help with healing and regeneration. For example, diabetic wounds and venous stasis ulcers that don’t get enough oxygenation to the area and are hard to heal can benefit from ozone.

However, ozone blood treatments appear to be the strongest method of administering this type of therapy.

  • DIV: Injecting ozone directly. This is not recommended unless it’s an emergency as it can increase risks of pulmonary embolism and chest discomfort.
  • Major Autohemotherapy (MAH): It involves drawing blood out of a patient into a container along with saline and ozone gas, which is then pumped back into the patient.
  • Minor Autohemotherapy: It is similar to Major Autohemotherapy, except a small amount of blood is drawn out of the patient’s veins, then the syringe is infused with ozone gas, and that ozonated blood is then injected intramuscularly in the patient’s buttock.
  • Hyperbaric Ozone Treatment, sometimes also known as Multi-Pass or 10-Pass Ozone Therapy: This therapy infuses much higher amounts of ozone in a much larger amount of volume. It uses a specialized machine that vacuums the blood from the patient’s vein into a container, pressurizes the ozone gas into the blood, and returns the blood to the patient at much higher speeds and pressures. This counts as one pass. The 10-pass method does this 10 times, so you can imagine how much more ozone gas is delivered at quicker speeds by this method.

If you suffer from significant pain, injecting ozone directly into the site of your pain can sometimes bring the most effective relief. Ozone can also be injected into the joints, which will be discussed next.


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