General Policies

We service many hard to resolve cases that conventional medicine cannot handle or fails to achieve satisfactory clinical outcome. Many patients are quite weak and fragile when they seek our help. We can only try our best to help, and our approach is to take our time and understand the body first, before dispensing medication that can potentially mask the root problem. This type of practice requires patience, close following of instructions, and tolerating setbacks, which often are unavoidable.

Services rendered are strictly on a fee for service basis. There is no representation, directly or indirectly, by our practitioners, in any way, that targeted results are guaranteed, or satisfactory results achieved, within a period of time. Our approach is dictated by how much your body allows us to intervene. Each patient must be fully aware and agree to our slow and steady approach to problem solving or should not join our programs.

Our practice is NOT for everyone. Please do not be disappointed if we cannot help you. Due to our extensive pre-screening progress, in order to make sure we are the right fit for you, you need to have completed detailed history forms and a questionnaire prior to our first visit. The first visit is pre-paid. If we cannot accept your case, you will be told either before or during the first visit and your prepaid fee will be refunded in full, except for a 10% administrative and processing fee. If your case is accepted, you will be responsible for services rendered.

Cancellation Policies for Lam Clinic

A minimum of 72 business hours notice is required for cancellations or you will be billed for the appointment, at the prevailing rate. For example, if your appointment is scheduled for a Tuesday, the latest cancellation possible, without penalty, is the previous Wednesday at 5 pm PST. All time are based on Pacific Standard Time.

Accepted Payment Types

PayPal, and most major credit cards, are accepted for payment and must be prepaid at the time the appointment is confirmed. We do not accept cash.

Insurance Policy

Lam Clinic practitioners do not accept health insurance, are not Medicare providers. They do not assist in the submission, negotiation, or resolution of insurance claims. You will be provided with a receipt, with which you can submit to your insurance carrier if requested, and when applicable, may include appropriate medical codes in your records.

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