New Patients

Getting to the Root Problem of Your Health Challenges Means

  • Taking a detailed history and learning your story patiently.
  • Investigating factors such as your constitution, environment, lifestyle, nutrition, stress, and medical history to expose deep and hidden contributors to your symptoms/condition, including but not limited to, gut issues, inflammatory response, immune deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, detoxification challenges, etc. at the functional levels that affect cellular health.
  • Replenish natural healing support and nutrients using food, supplements, herbs, lifestyle changes, hormones, exercises to empower the body in its recovery effort.
  • Removing unhealthy triggers and strengthening the nutritional safety net with healthier options to restore internal homeostasis.

The Healthiest Possible Options

Whether you are in good health and seeking the most cutting edge preventive advice, or you have serious health issues and your body can barely function, each step of your life's journey should be accompanied by a professional's help in order to reach your optimum health. You want accurate information from experts who know all aspects of your healing options, and knows how to work together with your conventionally trained doctor as a team. You need someone who knows what tools to use, when, and how, as it applies to your specific situation. Our advice is based on decades of successful clinically-based experiences that are realistic, reliable, and clinically proven.

How to Become a Patient

To become a patient we need to see you physically, on site, for at least your initial appointment, unless you reside in the state of California or out of USA. All follow up appointments can be done by phone.

Scheduling a new patient appointment is easy. Click here.

Once your online request is received, you will then receive detailed instructions, by email, for scheduling an appointment and payment details. For cost of the initial and any follow up visits, please call our clinic.

At your first visit, which runs 60 minutes, we will take a detailed history along with a relevant physical examination, and review any laboratory test and medical records you may have. You will be presented with a general blue print that focuses on your roadmap to recovery and recovery strategies.

Any relevant laboratory test will be recommended. You will also be referred to a nutritional professional or registered dietitian to further individualize your nutrition and lifestyle plan.

Your second appointment is usually about 3-6 weeks after your first. We will review the results of any laboratory testing as well as your progress. We will make recommendations and adjust your medicines as needed. This can be done in person on site or by telephone.

Follow up appointments are goal driven and typically 20-30 minutes long and usually 1-3 months apart.

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